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Search: the amdf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, publicly supported organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. What ismacular degeneration? Dry amd wet amd stargardt's disease examinations site map home lucentis lucentis has been hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of "wet" macular degeneration because it is the first drug approved by the food and drug administration which may improve vision in some patients. In the "wet" form of amd, abnormal blood vessels grow and as they leak or hemorrhage may rapidly destroy central vision. Before lucentis and the previously approved macugen, "wet" amd was treated with lasers that stopped the bleeding but could not improve vision. Genentech inc. , the san francisco-based biotech company, which invented lucentis also produces avastin, a drug which has been approved for the treatment of colon cancer. Similarly to lucentis, avastin has been used to treat macular degeneration by blocking abnormal blood vessels. The drugs have to be used early on, and they have to be used often. buy viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra cheap viagra buy viagra overnight delivery cheap generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale buy generic viagra Lucentis and avastin are injected directly into the vitreous (the gel-like filling inside the eye), but there is a significant price differential as lucentis costs $2000 per injection and avastin about $50 per dose. That adds up to some $48,000 for the recommended two years of lucentis treatment. Avastin is not fda approved for ophthalmic use. Nevertheless retinal specialists claim to have gotten good results from avastin and continue to use it. Medicare will cover lucentis injections as in-office procedures, but unless a person carries secondary insurance the co-payment may be $400 per treatment. Medicare doesn’t cover treatments with avastin because it doesn’t have federal approval for amd. Compared to macugen, which stabilizes vision in approximately 65% of people, with about 6% making gains, lucentis stabilizes vision for an estimated 95% of patients and improves it for about 40%. Although lucentis has a better success rate, its side effects can include stroke and heart attack. Since avastin has not been tested in macular degeneration clinical trials, doctors don’t know if it is as effective as lucentis. Lucentis was formulated specifically for use in the eye, and also leaves the body faster than avastin. Genentech offers a free drug prog.